You can be a
Top Photographer
What is a Pulse Top Photographer?
Top Photographers on Pulse get special recongnition. Your brush with fame may be rewarded with marquee placement on the homepage, blog posts, tweets, re-tweets and Facebook posts that feature your photo, in a resolution suitable for sharing. Your photo can be seen by everyone; fans everywhere, publishers, even celebrities themselves. You retain the rights to your photo and the full-size image.
You can do it!
Follow live events and celebs
When you're out and about, put on your Pulse googles. If you're at the airport in the big city, you might spot a celebrity. Headed to a concert or major league sporting event? A glitzy restaurant? Its likely that someone famous will be in the crowd. Of course, some of the best photos and stories come from unanticipated places. Get your best photo and share the excitement!
Upload your photos
Upload your best photos to Pulse immediately. Add the scoop to make your sightings stand out. Entering details about your photo such as the names of the celebrities pictured, place and location is fast and easy.
Share the excitement
Once your photo has been published and entered into the Pulse photo stream, share the link with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. The more your photos get viewed, the more likely you are to become a Top Photographer. Don't forget to mention @Pulse in your tweets.
Get recognized
As you accumulate views for your posted photo, you'll earn recognition through blog posts, twitter activity and Facebook posts of your photo, in a resolution suitable for sharing. We'll make sure that your sighting connects with passionate fans and followers of the celebrity you spotted, everywhere they are. Often, celebrities themselves re-tweet the photos, giving a shout out to you.