Justin Bieber Sighting in Emerald Bay, California on 07/10/17 at 4:55 PM

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Wish to meet some day and smoke a fat blunt
JUL 16, 2017
I love you so much Justin
JUL 15, 2017
I love you Justin
JUL 12, 2017
Justin you are my role model my everything and I just wish one day I can meet you you're so amazing and I just love you so much
JUL 12, 2017
I wish I can date you
JUL 11, 2017
I am from India
JUL 11, 2017
I am dying to meet you
JUL 11, 2017
I love you justin bieber
JUL 11, 2017
JUL 11, 2017
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"Swimming off of his yacht 100ft off from Emerald Bay Beach"
Emerald Bay, California
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Lat: 33.55716, Long: -117.81
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