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Pulse is the best way to share celebrity encounters and to see the latest photos of your favourite celebs on your smartphone.

How it works
Follow live events and celebs
From major events like the Academy Awards, individual personalities like Ryan Gosling, Lady Gaga or Sarah Palin, to local celebrity events near you, follow live photo streams and share in the excitement. You can get mobile alerts when there are new photos added, so you never miss a beat.
Capture your own celebrity encounters
Get your best photo using the iPhone app or your digital camera. Capture your own celebrity sightings, from airport travel, book signings, restaurants to the red carpet. Add the scoop to make your photos and sightings unique and interesting.
Share your photo and get recognition
Your photo can be viewed by everyone: fans everywhere, publishers, and celebrities themselves. Share with your social networks to get more views and become a Top Photographer and get special recognition. Read more