Pulse BETA

Join the celebrity photo stream


For smartphone photographers, citizen journalists and fans who want to follow celebrities and share their brush with fame, Pulse is the only mobile app with a live, organized, photo stream that notifies you when celebrities are nearby on your mobile device.

Unlike other celebrity news sites or photo sharing services, you can join the stream not just follow it. Pulse makes it easy to publish and share your photos of celebrity encounters within and beyond your existing social networks while allowing the photographer to maintain the publishing rights to posted photos.

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Download Pulse for the iPhone today. Pulse for Android is coming soon.


How Pulse works

  1. Join photo streams for your favorite celebrities, events and places - and get notifications when new photos are posted for the streams that you follow or when celebrities are spotted nearby your location.
  2. Every time you have a brush with fame, take a photo and upload it to Pulse. Add your content to relevant photo streams by identifying the celebrities and places in the photo. You can even add a story to tell other fans about your encounter.
  3. Share your celebrity encounter on Twitter, Facebook or other social networks directly from the Pulse app or website.
  4. Check your photos to see the number of views, comments and  votes for your posted photos.